Odor Assassin, 16 oz.

Odor Assassin, 16 oz.

Brand: Skyline
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Odor Assassin is not an air freshener—it’s an ODOR ELIMINATOR! It completely removes odors in the air; it doesn’t just cover them up. No odor is too tough to control for Odor Assassin. By attacking the molecular structure of the cause of the bad odors, Odor Assassin instantly goes to work, removing the odors of pet urine, smoke, rotten food, vomit, cooking fumes, feces, wet carpet, or even skunk spray. Odor Assassin odor eliminator is made from all-natural products. Odor Assassin will safely control odor virtually anywhere: daycare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, veterinary offices, gyms, public restrooms, mortuaries, hotels and residences.

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